Dec 20, 2019

Apr 28th - May 1st 2020: MIE 2020 Workshop (Canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak)


The International Stand# ard Accident Number (ISAN) project aims at linking unconnected data silos existing in emergency and rescue chain. The opportunities and challenges however in the newly established data flow are unclear. The perspectives of experts with different working experiences are therefore necessary for improved understanding. This workshop intends to introduce and improve the concept of linking accident and emergency data through a master case index – the International Standard Accident Number (ISAN). The preliminary agenda for this workshop consists of four parts: P1: a presentation of the ISAN, P2: a demonstration of the use case: home emergency monitor; P3: a structured discussion of opportunities and challenges with respect to three aspects relating to the use case, and P4: a wrap-up presentation of summarized perspectives (10 min). Through this workshop we expect to promote the concept of ISAN and to summarize perspectives from different disciplinary experts by inspiring thinking and discussing with respect to a linked data-enhanced rescue chain. Networking between interested experts is encouraged and a dedicated community should be formed.