IOS Book on A&EI


IOS Press will publish the first book on Accident & Emergency Informatics (A&EI). The book will be composed of an edited collection of papers published in the series “Studies in Health Technology and Informatics”, which will be indexed in Pubmed and other databases. If you are interested to contribute, please get in Contact with the Editor in Chief, Prof. Thomas M. Deserno, PLRI Germany.


  1. Deserno T, Germany:
    Integrated sensing for disease prevention and automated health alerts in smart homes.

  2. Al-Shorbaji N, Jordan:
    Current status of linking car accident data with electronic health records in the five big public hospitals in Jordan (Al-Basheer hospital, Jordan University Hospital, King Abdullah the 1st Hospital, Zarqa Government Hospital, and Al-Salt Government Hospital).

  3. Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina:
    Accident data in electronic health records. Which standards are needed to represent them. "or" Accident data. Standards needs for interoperability.

  4. Giussi Bordoni MV, Risoli MV, González Bernaldo de Quirós F, Ministry of Health & Road Safety Observatory of Buenos Aires City, Argentina:
    Design of a prehospital electronic medical record (PEMR): an integrated tool for the registration of emergencies in Buenos Aires City.

  5. Haux R, Germany:
    On appropriate evaluation methodologies in the context of using both accident and health record data.

  6. Thurow K, Neubert S, Germany:
    Innovative sensor technology for emergency detection in life science laboratories.

  7. Juhra C, Born J, Koczerginski J, Golby R, Borycki EM, Kushniruk AW, Ho K, Canada:
    Medical emergency data and networks: A German-Canadian comparison.

  8. Benis A, Israel:
    Social networks and IoT for emergency and disaster management.

  9. John O, India:
    Clinical decision support in emergency and disaster: “Quake Care” an example from earthquake relief management.

  10. Yang G, USA:
    Data quality in medical incident reporting systems.

  11. Lehmann C, USA:
    Connecting ambulance and hospital: improving care through automated record linkage.

  12. Michel J, Birrenbach T, Sauter TC, Switzerland:
    E-emergency medicine: the future of acute care?