The ISAN Project


When we buy books, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a valuable resource, since it provides a unique identifier disregarding different publishers or editions. Accordingly, the International Standard Accident Number (ISAN) aims at establishing a unique identifier for adverse events such as accidents and emergency situations.
The ISAN project will establish such a token and will use it to establish secure communication between all IT systems in use at different rescue providers:

For further information, you are invited to watch the following video on the description of ISAN. This video includes interviews with partners and a simulation scenario of fall detection in the smart-home.

Illustration of a Fall Detection in Smart-Home by ISAN System

In this example, a fall scenario is simulated in which an individual uses the ISAN system:
1- Smart-home detects a fall, and as the part of the system reports the fall
2- ISAN system is initialized and the unique number is generated
3- Emergency service is informed, access to necessary medical information is granted (linked) and data are transmitted
4- Smart-home transmits the current vital signs (e.g., heart rate) of patients in real-time
5- Smart-home transmits the access code of the entrance gate and the navigation to the emergency service
6- The rescue team has been dispatched and has received all the necessary information. The team prepares the requirements and get into the exact location of the patient at the smart-home

Project Lead

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